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Being able to count on trained and passionate people for each of the most important aspects of web positioning made it possible for us to have results with each of the clients who hired our services. We add all the power of the best SEO tools on the market
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Our SEO Positioning Plans


$ 299 *Startup value | Monthly management price: $499
  • Positioning of 2 pages
  • 5 keywords.


$ 399 *Startup value | Monthly management price: $599
  • Positioning of 4 pages
  • 10 keywords.


$ 499 *Startup value | Monthly management price: $699
  • Positioning of 6 pages
  • 15 keywords.


Call Us Monthly management price CONSULT
  • Positioning of +7 pages
  • 16 keywords.

10% OFF in the value of the StartUp hiring 2 or more countries.

All our developments include
Study of the brand to define the most convenient keywords to position, the status of the website for SEO, direct competition from the channel and estimation of monthly searches. On-page site analysis: structure, tags and headers, friendly URL’s, internal links, loading speed, adaptability, content, on-server SEO and security. We also work on search engine indexing, page / domain authority, link building, competition, brand reputation and online presence.

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Terms and Conditions

Amounts expressed in US dollars. Payment Methods Accepted: PayPal & Square / Check Deposit / Bank Transfer / Wire. The minimum contract is 6 months of uninterrupted duration. The value of the StartUp is one time only and is paid before starting the job. Monthly costs are paid in advance from the 1st to the 5th of each month. Campaigns are not started with subsequent payments. No returns or refunds are made once projects have started. All works and services must be paid within the maximum stipulated times for each development. After 60 days after payment and development started, if the client did not provide instructions, returns or requested material, the payment / remaining balance will be requested without exception and the client may choose to: 1) End the project, and we deliver the material made so far; 2) Update the price of the contracted service, according to the current values ​​of the agency at that time or; 3) Update values ​​according to new requirements that the project may have, if necessary. If the client does not pay the outstanding balance, legal action will be taken for breach of the agreement / contract of contracted services. Prices are subject to change with prior notice. Valid only for the United States and other countries. The remarkable results of the different SEO positioning plans can only be observed after the fourth or eighth month of uninterrupted service depending on the chosen plan and the different variables of said service.

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